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From the recognition of all Your needs, through suggested variety of solutions, to realization of prepared interior design also with assurance of complex executory service and delivery of finishing materials in 'turnkey' option.

We prepare designs for interiors arrangements as well as buildings designs for investments located anywhere in Poland and abroad, all included in the project called a 'work at distance'. We offer possibility of design realization on an interior located anywhere in Poland as well as abroad; moreover we can prepare a design for an interior located in Warsaw and its surroundings for an investor currently living abroad.

Broadly, creatively, functionally and by acting with tact we create interior designs as well as building designs both private and commercial. At the course of our work we are focusing on customer satisfaction related to their requirements and expectations thus aligning presented designs ideas.

Our specialty include interior designs for: flats, multi family houses, apartments, offices, stores and service premises, architectural building design, single family houses, private, service and office condominiums.

Hola Design // ul. Tczewska 2 lok. 28 // 01-674 Warszawa // Tel. 502 614 555 // hola@hola-design.com